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Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters  Oct 30 1985 ~ Aug 14, 2015  
 Off on lifes Greatest Adventure 
Miss you kiddo!

I stole the following from Facebook! LA would be impressed:)

Thanks to Erin for posting the following.

It was a full house and a wonderful party. Lee-Anne Peters would have loved to see all of her communities coming together to share their hearts with each other. For those who were unable to attend I've uploaded the wake video. You can view it at
Lee-Annes care team are also going to be publishing a book of Lee-Anne's poetry shortly and I will be sure to update you on that when I have more information. For tonight there is nothing more to do and I have nothing more to say.
I will leave you with the eloquent words of her sister Lisa Peters...
Lee-Anne Tracy Peters came bouncing into this world strapped to the tail end of a sunbeam on September 30th, 1985. On that day, her parents Frank and Tracy Peters, looked lovingly in their dear baby girl’s eyes as she impishly wielded rainbows with both fists. Lee-Anne was the daughter they had prayed for and she filled her mother’s heart with joy.
Lee-Anne came into their lives bearing a secret. She had selflessly sacrificed her mortal future for the lives of her brother and sister by making a choice. Live a long and incredible life with many children and lovers or save her brother and sister by accepting the fate of Huntington’s Disease? The moment Lee-Anne made her choice her destiny was written, however, she was not to walk this journey alone. She would be graced with incredible individuals to help carry her heavy burden. She would collect friends like one would collect rough stones to smooth and polish and make shiny again. Every heart she would touch, she would change and gift with insight about the world and themselves.
Lee-Anne was queen of her Universe and she reigned over her family and friends like a monarch over her subjects. Her community rose like warriors rise to battle, to protect her and maintain her dignity as Huntington’s Disease stole her ability to control her mind and body.
Lee-Anne’s death was much like her entry into this world. Her mother Tracy dearly wanted her back and no matter how much we loved her here on Earth, a mother’s love is more powerful. Lee-Anne was called to her mother’s embrace August 14th, 2015 on the New Moon. She sailed off on the tail end of a shooting star with her young nephew Caiden guiding her way, leaving the rest of us behind to marvel at her life and how we have all been changed by her.
Lee-Anne leaves behind Frank Peters (Papa), Wendy Verbeek (Wendy Lady), Lisa Peters (big sister), Ryan Peters (big bro), Robin Guertson (brother), Rob Schmidt (brother in-law), Jennie Imeson (sister-inlaw), Jack Peters (nephew), Evan Guertsen (nephew), Alaina Peters (niece), and Isabelle Mackinaw (niece). As well as city’s worth of friends, too many to name.
Many years ago, in the days of yore, when drinking abounded and songs were a plenty. In the time of wooden swords and broken shields, Lee-Anne was a villager who'd come for the costumes, the great music, and the electric atmosphere that our role play created.
Most nights she could be found sitting at the lower table beside the stage, singing along to all the songs. She came nearly every weekend in season three and four, just to join in the fun and enjoy the after game festivities As time passed Lee-Anne's condition worsened, but that hardly stopped her. Season five and six she still came out once a month. We saw here up until sometime in season seven or eight. Then, sadly, Lee-Anne was physically no longer strong enough to come out, all the way to Dagger Deep, to celebrate with us.
Lee-Anne was a member of this community. And now for the first time one of our community goes to the boatman. So I ask you, when you gather and raise your drinks this weekend, raise one for those who go before us, raise one for Lee-Anne. 
~Jared Qwustenuxun Williams
We watched you suffer, we watched you sigh But all we could do was stand by. 
When the time came, we suffered too, for you never deserved what you went through. 
Life took your hand and we had to part, it eased your pain but broke our hearts. 
If you could've spoken before you died, "this life for me has truly passed, I loved you all, until the very last. 
Weep not for me, but courage take, and love one another for my sake."
~Coliee Cox