"Well, here it is March 24, 2042. Roughly the twenty-fifth anniversary of the start of the Great Die-Off. Seems funny, writing this down when there's but a few of us left and not many of those who'll read it. You see there are only about a couple of hundred thousand people left in North America and we have no way of knowing how many are left in the rest of the world. I guess my only reason for writing is that someday our children (if they survive) may want to know what happened. Here goes!!

    2004 SARS in the news
    2005 Jan. Bird flu in the news
    2016 Feb. More Bird flu
    2016 Mar. Bird flu in the USA
    2016 Apr. Bird flu in Canada
    2016 Apr. Bird flu passed between Humans
    2016 Aug. Bird flu vaccine created
    2016 Oct. Bird flu kills millions world wide
    2016 Nov. Vaccinated are untouched by BF
    2016 Dec. Leaders and Military vaccinated first after testing
    2017 Jan. Foreign Leaders and wealthy are all vaccinated.
    2017 Feb. Third world and Enemy leaders acquire vaccine
    2017 Apr. Test cases die – first inkling in scientific community that something is wrong.
    2017 May Die-off begins
    2017 June Die-off is attributable to the vaccine – not the flu. Oops!

Looks like the vaccine has just killed all the leaders both good and bad and is decimating the scientific population. Soon all the rich, smart and powerful will be gone.

And the meek shall inherit! Now what book was that in?

© March 2012 Francis H Peters

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