2001 GMC 2500 6L 4x4 Truck & 1993 Kodiak Camper

Asking$15500.00 for both units.
This is a good clean outfit and is really nice to travel in!
These are Located at Lacombe AB, Canada
I will only accept; Bank Draft, Certified Cheque or Cash.
Truck has 252000 Kilometers on it.
A couple of issues:
  • ABS Light stays on.
  • Exhaust manifold has a broken stud. I have new studs and a gasket for it.
  • Fuel guage does not work when full, works fine when at or below 3/4 full.
  • Fifth-wheel rails are also installed in the truck.
Kodiak Camper:
  • Decals are faded or missing
  • All appliances work well
  • Floor is good
  • No Leaks
  • Minor repair on front corner inside box
  • Extra propane hose plumbed in. If you're staying in one spot for a while, you can connect to an auxilary tank and save the onboard tank for travelling.
  • Stable Lift, Electric 3 Jack system. This is an excellent feature and allows one person to off load the camper in just a few minutes.
  • When fitted with included braces, you can safely camp in the camper while it is off the truck.
  • When on the truck, the Stable lift also replaces turnbuckles etc. for tieing down the unit. Very fast, very safe!
  • Original attachments for camper jacks are also included.
  • 2 extra batteries and cable for running the camper without draining the truck battery
Front Left
Rear Right
Sink & Bed
 Bed & Fridge