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The Invisible Magazine©

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You've read about it! (maybe not)

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This is the Greenest Magazine you have never seen!!!

The Invisible Magazine©

But first let me tell you about it:

Please note: we will be changing the website over the next few weeks. We are currently cultivating some beautiful blue-green algae to supply the background colours. We are finding that used paper grocery bags are just too difficult to find!

This magazine is all you can imagine a magazine should be. Anything you can possibly dream of is hidden between the imaginary covers of this totally fascinating magazine. Are you thinking of hot steamy stories? You can let your imagination run wild. Best of all, you do not have to worry about leaving it lying around. If the kids should chance to come across it, they will only see what they think about. (Imagination is beyond our control) Are they interested in what the future may bring? What about new technology? Let their imagination run wild. Yes folks this is truly the Magazine of the future. The Invisible Magazine is guaranteed not to cause eyestrain! In fact the best way to enjoy this magazine is to relax in your favorite easy chair, let your eyes drift closed and imagine what you would like to see. There may be imposters out there so be sure to only order on-line from EasyBuck Services© or one of our affiliates.

How many times have you been daydreaming when just as the dreams were getting good, feelings of guilt started to seep into your thoughts or someone chided you for being lazy? Well never again! By purchasing a subscription to the Invisible Magazine ©, you are buying a licence to relax. To close your eyes and imagine! To dream! To explore those infinite situations of the mind! You will never again have to feel guilty for just doing nothing. You have bought and paid for the privilege!

But there's more! For a limited time we are offering a free gift with your subscription! Yes that's right, a FREE Gift. And not some cheesy little token either, but a beautiful little hand turned Angelette©, Tophatter© or other hand turned figurine from the fine folks at PetersRoad. Each of these has been individually hand turned on a lathe, polished and signed. They even have a birthdate! No two are the same! They are approximately 3 - 5 inches high and 3/4 of an inch in diameter, made from Willow, Mayday or Carigana wood and polished with a food safe Carnuba wax. They have a string attached and may be hung from your tree or perhaps in some other area in your home or office. These aren't really Angels, for an angel is a messenger from God; However these do remind us of Angels and will constantly remind you to take time to read the Invisible Magazine©.

For something as truly inviting as this Invisible Magazine, you would expect to pay subscription rates of well in excess of $80.00 per year. Order it now from EasyBuck for only $19.95 for a lifetime subscription. Yes that's right ONLY $19.95 will guarantee that you receive the genuine Invisible Magazine as often as you can imagine for forever (or until you lose your imagination); And as well as for an unlimited time, you or your designee will receive a free gift of a hand turned Angelette© or Tophatter©. Don't wait! Send your $19.95 now along with your mailing address so you can receive your free gift.

Remember this is the environmentally friendly choice. Even the website was scanned from used brown paper bags that held assorted items of wholesome organically grown food. Also while your neighbours are lugging their old magazines back to the curb in the blue box or (horrors) sneaking them into the garbage; you'll be secure in the knowledge that you are really making a difference to the environment while they just talk about it!


If you can touch it, It is not the genuine Invisible Magazine©

If you can see it, It is not the genuine Invisible Magazine©

If you can taste it, It is not the genuine Invisible Magazine©

BUT if you can IMAGINE it, chances are it is the genuine Invisible Magazine©

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Sorry Kids. You must be the legal age of majority in your state or province before you may purchase the Invisible Magazine. Ask your parents to order it.

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